Saturday, November 21, 2009

Moving Forward

I would never go back. Sure I'll admit, some nights I lay in bed and wish that the layout of past events wouldn't have occurred the way they did.
But reversing your life would be like a resistence to nature it self. We are designed to move forward.
Now I can't say what is meant to be. What is chance. What is destiny. But I can say, that time works as an endless strand of dominoes. It is effect. To effect. To effect.
I'm sure, if my life hadn't happened exactly the way it did, I wouldn't be lying here in my bed at 2:19 am in the morning on Saturday the 21st of November typing these words.
Every thing had to occur.

But then, that makes everything so much more important.
Every living breathing organism. Every object. Every fire, breath, tree, light. It's all connected. It's all apart of the domino affect. It's involved in the turning of something else.

I am writing this blog, and the cause is you are reading it. If I had never written it, you would have never read it. Maybe that is insignificant to you. But maybe if you didn't read this blog, you would have done something else. Maybe you weren't supposed to do what you were going to do at this current point in time. And you will never know that. Because you will never know what you would have done.

You are mearly a helpless cause of this event. And when you finish this blog, you will be the cause of another and another. Leading into an endless circle. An infinite life. A continous strand of happenings. All connected, all here, all now.