Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's amazing what happens in one day.

A life is created and a life is lost. A heart has been broken and a heart has been mended. Something truly wonderful has been created and something truly wonderful has been torn apart. Dreams are being thought up and some dreams are crumbling. Tears are falling and tears are being wiped away. Two people have just met for the first time and two people have just said their final goodbye. In one day someone has been proposed to. And in one day someone has heard, “I want a divorce.” A child is homeless and a child has been adopted. Someone feels lost and someone else feels found. Someone is in the hospital and someone can finally use their legs again, or their eyes, or their ears. The sun is rising on one side of the world and setting on the other.
In one day so much happiness is wading through our world. And in one day so much sadness is falling on us as well.
Right now, every kind of human emotion is being felt somewhere by someone.
Extraordinary miracles are happening. Change, love, hate, beauty, is somewhere.
We forget that other lives are continuously moving around us. People are coping with death, loss, pain. People are falling in love, laughing, touching.
And right now. This second. This very moment you are reading this,
a life has just been taken and a baby is being born.
Life is everywhere. And in one day, life is new. In one day….
something will happen somewhere for the first time and the last time.
In one day, someone somewhere is taking their very last breath as you are breathing in the oxygen around you.

You are still living. You are still breathing. You are living right now, this one day.