Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Christmas,

I have a silent admiration for the Christmas season. A small part of me has always loved it's colored lights, and classic songs. But this year I've noticed I've been thinking about what the holiday does for us individually.

Many of us, want the holiday to sweep us into a momentary happiness. It's why people smile at each other in the grocery line. Somehow, we feel ourselves needing to except the goodness of the season and that carry it into our own lives. It gives us all a reason to be just a bit happier, despite our miserable lives.

But I find myself starring out my front room window. The lights are soaked up by the darkness of night. The cold stretches around me, and forces me to be stationary. And as I sit there, wrapped up in a warm blanket, I can't help but think about the little things. The people I can't wait to meet in my life. The days that are ahead of me. The sweet past moments.
I think Christmas spreads a little bit of happiness to all of us.
But for me, this season I'm dreaming of simple things.

This Christmas... I find myself clinging onto everything that makes the world beautiful.