Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear heart,

I held my you in my hands. You were finally pumping, red, alive, strong. I clenched you and whispered angrily,
“Why now? Why do you have to change now?!”
From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet I was captivated.
I felt pain, vulnerability, hate, love, want, desire.
Once cold, you were warm underneath my fingertips. I exhaled at the touch.
The room stilled and I knew the answer.
When you were cold I felt nothing. Not the hate of an enemy or love of a friend.
Now that I feel, it burns…. But I’m feeling.
I brought you to my chest and tucked you away.

I used to think that not feeling made me happy. In a world where I touched unfamiliar faces, I could do most anything. But what is worth doing so much if you can’t capture emotion while your embracing it.
I’d rather want a million impossible things and feel,
Then want a realistic possibility and forget what it means to be alive.

Pain has never felt so sweet.


  1. Me again! I apologize for potentially 'stalking' your blog posts and stuff but im really inspired by you LIKE I SAID and yeah. Your deeper then me, and I didnt think that was possible (in a non gloating way) Your talented in the arts, your talented with words, and obviously with self presentation haha.. Anyways, im really trying to UP my chances of getting to talk with you. So im commenting on your recent post, so that my chances are higher. I want to get to know you Jenna, and i know that sounds so creepy but honestly i do. I wish i could meet you in person, but right now that not really possible. *giggles* I managed to find your facebook account, but you have to add me as a friend in order to get farther then that, so PLEASE add me as a friend on that, so we can talk and exchange other means of communication, like my cell #. Im sure you wont give it to me tho, since thats your privite info, but you can trust me, and ill trust you equally if not more. Were so alike, and i feel as if ive found a perfect match friend wise and more. Your busy, and famous, but i dont see you as the famous girl. I see you as the talented, outgoing, down to earth, and gorgeous Jenna that you are :) im really sorry that sounded cheezy, Im a really cheezy person if you havent figured out. sorry for rambling on, but like i said, im pumped to get to talk to you IF you give me the chance. so please do. I have msn as well as facebook so if you want either then go right ahead and ask. My face book is the same as my blogging name (Viola Anelo Amore) so please contact me when your free and i would love to talk to you about some stuff because i feel like you know more about myself, then i do.

    Thanks for your time.

    Violet Zimmermann

  2. Dear Jenna, You are such an incredibly brilliant writer, musician, and such a strong advocate for what you believe in. I really admire you for standing up for what you believe in and for being such a fantastic example of a strong woman.


  3. MUST. STOP. WATCHING. JENNA'S. VIDEOS.... "Ooohhh this should be a good one!"

  4. Jenna, this piece is amazing and so are you! I hope you're pulling through and things will get better - sounds like something you would say too :)